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Hello, Wise and Wondrous One!

I’ve been expecting you and am thrilled to hear all about your journey so far. Because if you have found your way here, you are on a grand adventure. I can’t wait to discover why our paths crossed and how this fortuitous event might transform both of our lives.

I know, I know…

You’re the independent type who doesn’t want or need a lot of help. You can and have moved mountains to get where you are now.  It isn’t in your nature to ask others to do for you what you are more than capable of doing for yourself.

You’re quirky. You’re creative. You’re unconventional.

You don’t expect people to *get* you, because you move to the beat of your own drummer.

You pay attention, feel deeply, and make connections that others don’t.

You see things, intuitively know things, sense things about people, places, and situations that differentiate you from most of the people you know.

You’re highly intelligent, inquisitive, and because you have invested in so many online learning programs, you know far more about most things than you will ever be able to implement.

With all this going for you, you should be wildly successful.

The problem is … you’re not.  At least not by your standards.

Your success is sporadic at best.

You have great intentions that are subject to subtle – or not so subtle – sabotage when putting them into action.

This leads to exhaustion and overwhelm, which in turn leads to self-doubt that could be countered by a caring and compassionate community.

Except that you are isolated.

So, please, come in.  

Stay awhile.

Tell me all about it as I serve the refreshments.

You are safe here.

I understand you.

Because I was you.

I can tell you lots of things about me, but what I most want you to know is how much your journey matters to me.

I do what I do because you are out there doing what you do.  I’d like to acknowledge you for all you are doing, learning, attempting, and sharing with the world.

I also want to encourage you to Own Your Throne and be willing to step into the dream you still have for yourself.

Just promise me this… you won’t continue to do this alone.

You see, I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Many of those years were spent alone in the desert with my books, my online programs, and my canine companions.

I was the quintessential lone wolf who thought I could move faster and more successfully on my own.

But eventually I came to realize that without a pack, I was putting myself at an extreme disadvantage. I longed for a tribe I could belong to that could relate to my unconventional ideas and counterintuitive strategies.  A diverse tribe built on collaboration, community, and doing the inner work that makes outer transformation possible.

What I didn’t understand in my isolation was I was not alone.  There are many of us longing for the same thing.

Many of us who have mastered marketing, online empire building, and making a difference all in the comfort of our home based businesses in small towns and quaint communities or even small barrios in big cities where we are considered woo-woo, weird, even a wee bit wacky.

We’re hiding out in plain sight, trying to blend but secretly wanting to be seen as the superstars we are.

But being seen as superstars, experts, or go-to gurus requires us to actually be seen.

And we all know …. visibility = vulnerability.

Who willingly signs up for that?

Eventually I did.

And eventually you will too.

Because staying small and invisible sucks the life out of you.

And you are meant for greatness!

You just can’t get there on your own. (If you could, you’d be there already.)

Eventually you have to howl loud enough that you call in your pack. Because when you commit to doing the hard work that inner transformation demands, you are going to need all the support you can get.

I committed to a couple of coaching programs that changed my life.  The first was becoming a Certified Eating Psychology Coach with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Then I joined a year long Rockstar coaching program with Margaret M. Lynch  where I learned about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and began incorporating that in my business.

Next I worked with the wonderful people at Wanderlust Entrepreneurs to learn how to lead amazing retreats and followed shaman Megan Gilroy to pyramids in Teotihuacan where I became a part of the Wildflower Women’s Collective and learned to call upon the elements and perform sacred ceremonies.

My evolution continues as I write, coach, lead mastermind groups, and facilitate retreats of my own that explore what it means to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.

I hope you’ll join me on one of these adventures.

If you’d like to have a chat and explore how we can uncover your greatness, fill out the form below and let’s get clear on your next steps.

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