A Moment of Zen & Pen

Recently I opened a Twitter account.  Tonight I’m going to pretend I know how to use it and try a practice tweet, which could be tricky.  “Trick or Tweet?” you may be wondering.  I know I am.

The six word summaries surely have prepared me for the brevity required to tweet, but in my opinion, context is everything.  A little warm up is usually required.  At least this first go round.

Walk with me in your mind’s eye along the Maquoketa River.  It’s Friday night and we are indeed fried.  The wind hasn’t yet picked up and dropped the temperatures twenty degrees so we are actually comfortable, and I have not yet realized I dropped Jake’s leash along the way because…..

We are so caught up in the sunset we are almost weeping.  Nothing in us can resist the sheer power of beauty to wipe out a winter of weariness.  The ice has melted.  The snow is gone.  Just orange, pink, gold slipping into the water and flowing towards us.  (And just in case you’re getting very sleepy, here comes the six word summary.)

Sunset pours into river like lava. 

Or like someone tipped a gigantic bottle of liquid gold into the water causing the reflection to light up the sky in a kaleidoscope of colors.  Kind of like turning the Chicago River green on St. Patty’s Day, but much more impressive.  Because I don’t know about you, but green water doesn’t do much for me.

Okay, Grasshopper.  That’s your moment of Zen & Pen.

And you can tweet that.  Since I’m not sure how!

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