Just as I believe we are more than the sum of our parts, I believe defining ourselves by our jobs fails to give anyone an adequate idea of the person we have become.  Allow me to share what matters on my journey so far and how it may impact yours.

My first love is writing.

Since I’ve been able to pick up a pen, I’ve written poems, stories, and countless journal entries that have helped me metabolize life.

When I  became brave enough to publish my work, I wrote a couple of wellness book called Wellness Works! and Wellness Words. Then I started an e-zine called Everyday Alchemy.  Next came my book, Body Confidence from the Inside OutThen came my blog, Midlife MacGyver. 

One of the highlights for me as a writer was having my poem “The Vows read at the Women’s March in Northern California  2018.  The pen truly is mightier than the sword and it was one of my most powerful moments as a writer.

My second love is teaching.

Okay, learning first and then teaching.  I am a life-long learner  and the best way I know to integrate what I learn is to teach it to others.  

This started as an obsession with health and wellness.  My own struggles with anorexia as a teenager led me to become an ACE Certified Fitness Instructor right out of college and then, years later, a certified Eating Psychology Coach.

As I got a little older and my body responded less enthusiastically to the physical demands of being a fitness instructor, and I dived in full force training my mind.

I started working with community colleges as an instructor and then an administrator.  I’ve spent the last 12 years advising students, managing staff and faculty, and overseeing the daily operations at a local community college.

This allowed me to expand my own education and pursue the priceless coaching certifications that have brought me back to my own coaching business.

Here is my advice for creative entrepreneurs and struggling artists:  Don’t discount the need for a day job.  Mine provided me with much needed structure,  incredible co-workers, and the ability to do things I couldn’t have managed on my own.

Part of learning and teaching has been creating and facilitating a slew of classes, online courses, and retreats. Some of my signature classes are:

      • How to Get Your Groove Back
      • Stressed Less Living
      • Tapping Into Your Wellpower  (using Emotional Freedom Technique)
      • Attitudes of the Ageless
      • Pennies from Heaven – Playing Your Way to Prosperity
      • Resolve to Evolve
      • Get Stuff Done 1 x 31
      • Practicing Everyday Alchemy

My third love is engaging with the Great Mystery or “Embracing the Woo“.

I am perpetually pondering “the meaning of life.” Specifically, the meaning we assign to our particular lives and how we choose to live them.  I believe that we all can live extraordinary lives if we are willing to do the work, listen deeply, honor our unique and often misunderstood gifts, and respond to where life is calling us.

I call this Practicing Everyday Alchemy.

To me, this is where life gets infinitely interesting.   It’s what …

      • Compelled me to go Canada as a college student to study languages
      • Moved me to live among the creatives in Santa Fe, New Mexico
      • Summoned me to they pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico and red earth medicine of  St. George, Utah to apprentice with my shaman sisters
      • Called to Boston to work with exceptional coaches and energy workers
      • Asked me to Esalen Institute in Big Sur and Asilomar in Monterey, California to learn about transformational techniques and retreats,
      • Insisted I go to Whidbey Island in Washington and The Lake District in England to work with the poet David Whyte
      • And in 2020 has invited me to Bali to work with healers and other light workers

What does this mean for you? 

      • It means if you suspect there may be more to life than what you are currently experiencing, we need to talk. 
      • If you have spent a lifetime being successful but now want to shift into doing something that feels significant and contribute in a way that is meaningful for you, let’s explore.
      • If you want to work with someone who will offer up ideas, questions, and suggestions that pull out the very best in you and demand that you be honest, authentic, visible, and vulnerable not just with me but yourself, then I’d say we have an incredible opportunity in front of us.

Because here’s what I believe about you:

      • You are fabulous!  You know it.  I know it.  Now it’s time to let the rest of the world discover it. (Finally, yes?)
      • You have your doubts. You have moved mountains in the past, but suddenly you’re not so sure of yourself.  Over 40? Over 50? Over 60? (I believe you are just getting started and your timing is perfect!)
      • You are a force of nature. You simply haven’t allowed yourself to play in your zone of genius for awhile and you suspect you’ve lost your “special sauce”.  No such thing. It’s simply waiting for you to activate it. (I can help!)
      • Reinventing yourself at this age is one of the scariest and most liberating things you can do.  Lucky for you, you don’t have to do it alone.  (This is where I come in!)
      • You’re out of excuses. It’s now or never. You have it in you. You owe it to yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. (I’ve been waiting for you, too!)

Ready to take act on your intentions?  Email me at penny@wellpower.com with the words “I’m ready!” and let’s get this conversation started.






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  1. Penny I always knew you’d do a blog like this. I remember seeing the building blocks 30 years ago when we were friends at unit. Your sunny outlook on life has maintained which I find amazing. I was wondering who you go to when you need a life coach or a pep talk? perk

    1. Hey Perk! When I need a coach or pep talk, which is daily, I look to books, music, art, TED talks, funny friends, and energy workers. I spend a lot of time with animals, since they are such amazing teachers of unconditional love. I’ve often said if I move and write every day, I’ll be okay. If I don’t exercise my body and mind then I get funky. A little time outside everyday also does wonders for my spirit. I look at my personal evolution as a practice, not a perfect. So at this point in my life, I have many days of practice to fall back on. 🙂

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