Transformational Coach. Writer. Lifelong Learner. Free Spirit.  Light Worker.  Wordsmith. Dog Whisperer. Humor Lover. Mystic. Guide. Facilitator. Shaman. Poet. Blogger. Speaker.  Deep Listener. Questioner.  Spiritual Adventurer.  Movie Buff.  Fitness Instructor. EFT-Tapping Guide. Introverted Extrovert. Tree Hugger. Facilitator. High Desert Hiker. Daughter. Sister. Auntie. Moonbeam. Feather Finder. Nature Enthusiast. Magic Maker. Intuitive Guide. Healer. Creative Force of Nature. Avid Reader. Music Appreciator. Imperfect Action Taker. Quirky Creative. All of the Above.

Everyday Alchemist.

Throughout my life, I’ve explored many paths. To me the world has always been full of possibilities.  The more I act on these possibilities, the more intriguing life becomes.

Because of that I have an unwavering commitment to spiritual growth and personal evolution and am rewarded with Evidence of the Extraordinary every day.

I’ve witnessed too many people play by the rules and attempt to blend in only to discover that the result of being what others want them to be is to lose access to the extraordinary life that is meant for them.

Where It All Started

My adventure started in college when I signed up to be part of the National Student Exchange program at University of Northern Iowa.  My time at McGill University in Montreal and Universite Laval in Quebec City opened my eyes to whole new worlds. And I never looked back.

After college I moved to the Southwest where work in the hospitality and fitness businesses in Dallas/Ft. Worth and Santa Fe, New Mexico, shaped my identity as a lifelong learner, leader, and modern mystic. Then I stepped into the world of higher education and coaching and have had incredible opportunities to hone my skills by working with exceptional coaches, shamans, poets, and mystics around the world.

I am an ACE certified fitness instructor, certified eating psychology coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, a certified creativity coach and a transformational coach.  I’m the author of Wellness Works, Wellness Words, and Body Confidence From the Inside Out. I’ve created online programs such as How to Get Your Groove Back, Stress Less Living, and Read It & Leap.

I’ve hosted international retreats and host quarterly virtual retreats. Some of my favorite coaching tools include using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to work through the chakras, mantras with movement, guided visualization, accessing intuition and working with guides, and journaling. I love moving with my clients so they can embody the work and move it from their head into their whole body. This can look like taking our sessions outside for a walk, doing a few simple movements together over Zoom or Skype, or simply breathing deeply together.

I believe every client has their own answers. They just may not know how to access them.  My job is to listen deeply so I am able to ask the right questions that allow their answers to emerge.

I would be honored to help you access your extraordinary life.

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  1. Penny I always knew you’d do a blog like this. I remember seeing the building blocks 30 years ago when we were friends at unit. Your sunny outlook on life has maintained which I find amazing. I was wondering who you go to when you need a life coach or a pep talk? perk

    1. Hey Perk! When I need a coach or pep talk, which is daily, I look to books, music, art, TED talks, funny friends, and energy workers. I spend a lot of time with animals, since they are such amazing teachers of unconditional love. I’ve often said if I move and write every day, I’ll be okay. If I don’t exercise my body and mind then I get funky. A little time outside everyday also does wonders for my spirit. I look at my personal evolution as a practice, not a perfect. So at this point in my life, I have many days of practice to fall back on. 🙂

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