Audio Becomes Visual

My six word chant CD from Chunyi Lin arrived just in time to counteract the craziness that comes with a full moon.  While one might think I could quickly get the hang of six words, since these words are an unfamiliar language, it’s surprisingly easy to mess them up if I let my attention wander.

I remember several years ago I was attending an Integral Consciousness Workshop just outside of Boulder, Colorado.  I was fascinated with the work of philosopher Ken Wilber and convinced he would be equally fascinated with me should our paths cross. (He was not.)

It turns out the real master was Fred Kofman, an amazing teacher whose humility and honesty taught me things Ken never could.  (And he at least acknowledged me.)

At one point during the very intense five day workshop, we were dancing around like whirling dervishes chanting all kinds of sacred songs. I’m not sure anyone saw this particular incarnation of my spiritual awakening coming, but it was a turning point.  Needless to say, I was a long way from the Omni, the disco where we under-aged kids used to dance on Sunday nights.

Years later, after seeing the Dalai Lama in Tucson and then heading over to a yoga studio to listen to Krishna Das orchestrate an evening of chanting, I knew I’d gone where no one in my family had gone before.  I also knew there would be no turning back.  I was as moved by Om Nama Shivaya as most people are by Amazing Grace.

I also discovered Snatum Kaur, way before Oprah’s friends surprised her with a guest appearance by Snatum on her birthday, I might add.  Listening to Snatum is like having my own personal angel sing to me whenever I need calming down.  Of course, like my muse, I seldom understand exactly what she’s saying, but this allows me to put my own spin on things.

Lest you think the Bee Gees are the only musical influences to shape this eccentric mind, I thought I’d share the Zen and Pen side of my nature (and introduce you to my website, even though it’s far from finished, at

Today’s six word summaries: 

Listen and imagine.  Audio becomes visual.

Or if that’s just too esoteric, try this one:

Howl at the moon, little doggie.

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