Baby, You're a Firework

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In addition to everything else that today may be, July 4th is also Day 4 of Get Stuff Done 1×31.
There is a lot of picnicking, parading, and playing patriotic music in the USA today. In sticking with this celebratory theme, today’s task is to create an anthem.
We all need an anthem, a fight song, a Get Stuff Done 1×31 battle cry.
If cleaning the pantry and putting up deck lights are on your list (oh, right, that’s my list), you may want to create an iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, or Apple Music playlist to get your through the tasks at hand.
Just as the soundtrack to a movie is essential to evoking the emotions necessary to move the action along, having a playlist for your project, party, or potential road trip helps you sustain your momentum. The music also anchors the event in your memory.
I’ve been making “mixed tapes” and playlists since I taught aerobics in the 80s. Trust me, it’s never been easier or more exciting to mix music than it is today.  If you have yet to discover the sonic sanctuary that awaits you at any of the above streaming music sources, take 5-15 minutes and check it out today. (Be warned, it may turn into an hour or all afternoon adventure.)
I know you’ve got the music in you. Tap into its power to propel you forward.
Here’s a little patriotic music in case you aren’t one of the 7 million people who have viewed this video.
4th july calendar with vintage american flag
Share your ideas or recommend your favorite playlists and artists in the comments below.

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  1. It’s always interesting to me that I can be on the same wavelength as you. Just yesterday I was listening to a Youtube video about morning rituals and he said that listening to music in the morning was a very “grounding” way to start your day. His suggestion was to listen to music of your generation…..which would certainly be different from my generation 🙂 and that helps remind you of positive things. Now you’re suggesting I listen to it while I’m doing my tasks. Guess I’ll be listening to more music!

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