Detox Take Away #2 – Eat High Quality Foods

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For every diet on the market, science can provide evidence for its guaranteed success or failure.  Like Newton’s Third Law , “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction“, a diet that saves one person’s life may lead to another’s undoing.

Experts are not agreement about much, but they are in agreement on this: one of the best things we can do to improve our health is to improve the quality of foods we eat. This doesn’t mean everything has to be organic or we have to start eating exotic foods.
It simply means eating fresh, whole, quality, nutrient dense foods with as few extra unpronounceable ingredients added to preserve it until the end of time. It means eating an apple instead of drinking apple juice.  It means eating fresh, seasonal, locally produced foods when available.
If giving up certain foods is just not possible for you right now, then try to eat the highest quality version of that food available to you.
Doing a clean sweep of the pantry and removing any items that have been there longer than their expiration date is a good start. Same with the frig, office drawer, car, or night stand.
Yes, my grocery bill has gone up. Part of the reason it’s hard to make good choices at the grocery store is that real food (I’ll say it againfresh, whole, quality, nutrient dense) is often more expensive than items often disguised as food.
However, in the long run, it’s much cheaper than doctor visits or over the counter and prescription drugs  required to manage the effects of eating poorly or consuming poor quality foods.
Although my grocery bills have gone up, my dining out expenses have gone down. By preparing meals at home and taking my lunch to work, I am in control of not only the quality of the foods I eat, but how they are prepared, and how much I am served.
And that’s your bite sized take-away for today.
Next up:  Less is More.  Why Size Matters.
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