Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Call it a rock and roll down memory lane. 

Every post I’ve written conjures up its own soundtrack in my mind.  Although I often spare you the long, strange trip, sometimes it simply must be shared.  And since music is a universal language, it often gets the point across better than five hundred or six words.

When I had my own business, which often meant no business, the days would all run together and one day held no more significance than another.  But now that I work eight days a week, the weekends reign supreme in my creative space.  So Loverboy and I are working for the weekend.

I continue to have this fantasy that I can get more done in 48 hours than I have been able to achieve all week.  My To Do list looks something like this:  sleep in, read a book or two, catch a movie, walk the dogs, swim some laps, revamp my website, connect with family and friends, write the great American novel, master Mint or Quicken or any personal finance software, organize my new kitchen, sort the laundry, find lost items, and clear the accumulated clutter

When all is said and done, my Ta Da! list usually amounts to little more than “shoveled snow” or “made breakfast.

Still this weekend is full of great expectations so my six word summary as follows:  Things to do.  People to see. 

Since tomorrow is my niece Nicole’s 8th birthday, here’s one for her:  Life at eight, fun to celebrate!

It’s also my friend Joan’s birthday, but public announcements of one’s age is no longer appreciated at a certain point.  For her, I say what I always say to myself:  The best is yet to come.

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