Here to the New Year In Good Cheer – Day 1-Plan A

Welcome to the Here to the New Year Challenge in Good Cheer Challenge. From now until December 31st I’ll be sharing some short tips to keep you humming through the holidays.
Because I can easily get distracted by shiny and/or stressful objects, I’m sticking with the full alphabet plan as our guide.
Today we start with Plan A.
I did a search on verbs that started with the letter”A” and assembled a few of them here. I used WordClouds to help me create a visual that allows various verbs to capture your attention, depending on where you look. Notice how the words are shaped to form the letter A?
Today’s tip is all about attitude.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select a handful of these verbs and act on them today. Let them amplify your awareness and align your actions.
For example, some of my favorites are articulate, amuse, awaken, astound, and anchor.
By writing this blog post I’m articulating my thoughts as well as anchoring my intentions for our time together, awakening my curiosity as to how best to convey these concepts, and possibly amusing you and astounding all of us when you share your responses in the comments below as to how this small change in awareness impacts your day.

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  1. I’m going to slowly dip my toe into this idea. I think it’s an AWESOME idea to make us look at ourselves. A couple of years ago I completed the Groove class and my completion rock said AWARENESS. I wasn’t sure how that related to my life, but in the two years since I have learned lessons and become AWARE that things in our lives aren’t always what they seem on the surface. Some things have ASTOUNDED me, some have AMUSED me, and I’m trying to ASSIMILATE and maintain a good ATTITUDE. So I guess AWARENESS was an appropriate word for me after all!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Barbi. You are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I love it that you got that rock. To me, awareness is a practice. I can so easily lose focus. Today as I was outside cleaning up the yard in an attempt to winterize the place, I had to keep bringing my awareness back to the task at hand instead of the hundreds of others that were competing for my attention. I must APPLAUD you for availing yourself so wholeheartedly to Plan A! 🙂

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