Here to the New Year in Good Cheer – Plan "J"

Joyful woman enjoying the winter snow .
We’re back with the Here to the New Year in Good Cheer challenge and “J” joins the alphabet plan of juxtaposing jangled nerves and jarred emotions with joy.
I hope your intermission was rejuvenating and you were able to juggle all the jobs that jabbered for your attention. A perfectly timed snowfall made mine just jubilant.
It was my puppy Ruby’s first experience with snow and needless to say, she was jolly by golly.  She jogged, jerked, jilted, jigged, jagged, jumbled, jostled, jolted, jutted, and jammed her way through the snow jungle before her.
She justifiably jeered at any attempt to distract her from judging where the snowballs would land so she could jockey for position before our other dog Jake (aka John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt) jumped in on the action. It was like a jumbo jamboree of chaos and confusion. Just where did that snowball jet to before disappearing?
How does this jive with your holiday happiness? Well, try not to get all jacked up and let your jingles get all jangled and jeopardize the juiciness just waiting for you to slip into like a jeweled jacket.
Take a jaunt to your favorite tea, coffee, or cocoa joint to jump-start your journey rocking around the Christmas tree.  (Just like me and Bob in this JibJab card.)
I’d love for you to share something that brings you joy in the comments below. Or you can share your favorite knock-knock joke as a warm up for Plan “K” tomorrow.

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