Here to the New Year in Good Cheer – Plan "M"

My oh my, today “M” makes its mark on our memory as we mine, merge, milk, marshal, and maximize all the ways “M” words move us to take meaningful measures to minimize our stress. Manifesting merriment by mingling with macho men or molten hot mamas and  meandering near mistletoe are just a few of many methods to make it from Here to the New Year in Good Cheer.
Moving you to marvel in your magnificence and muster up the moxie to mix things up is what Midlife MacGyver is all about.

When others may be making mountains out of molehills and monkeying around with mayhem, my motivation is to help you maintain a mellow mood and stay in the moment. If that requires playing a medley of musical melodies, doing the maca-reindeer (yes, our disco dancers are back in a marvelous new video), making a mind-map, or manufacturing minions to help you with a myriad of mundane tasks, more power to you.

This holiday season, march to the beat of a different drummer or an entire mariachi band. Your motto might be, “If I don’t mind, it don’t matter,” and proceed to focus on what is magical, meaningful, and miraculous and magnetize it to you.
As much as I’d like to muse about moonbeams, movies, mojitos, money, and Machu Picchu, I must put on my mittens and motor on down to the Maquoketa River (not the mighty Mississippi) with my mischievous dogs.
Mosey on over and meet me in the comments below. Muchas gracias.

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