Home for the Holidays

Atmospheric Christmas window sill decoration

Listen to tips 7 & 8  of my Top Ten Tension Tackling Tunes to Keep You Humming Through the Holidays by clicking here…or reading below.


  1. I’ll Be Home for Christmas…

Many families are spread out over the country. This can present not only logistical challenges, but financial and emotional ones as well when you attempt to make it “home” for the holidays. Determine if the benefits of being home are worth the stresses you may encounter getting there – especially if you are organizing this pilgrimage for your household. If home is where your heart is, then may the force be with you in your travels! But if traveling makes your heart weary, know you can create the feeling of home wherever you are. Volunteer at a shelter, a church, or local charity. Your presence there may be the best present you give and receive this Christmas.

8. All I Want for Christmas Is…

What do you really want? What will having this item do for you? How will it satisfy your soul? What about those on your list? What might they really want? Can you give it to them in a more authentic or direct way? Is it possible for you to make something or do something that brings them more joy than the buying an expensive gift that busts your budget?

Share your tips or let me know what’s on your list in the comments below.


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