How Does Your Garden Grow?

July 1x31 016
It’s Day 17 of Get Stuff Done 1×31 Challenge and today’s challenge is to plant the seeds of an idea, a project, a goal, or a grand adventure and watch them grow.
No one was more shocked than me (okay, maybe my parents when they came to visit yesterday) to find these zucchinis and cucumbers growing like crazy in the makeshift garden Bob and I rigged up a month ago.
Growing up on a farm,the rhythm of planting and harvesting has been a constant throughout my life. It should come as no surprise that what we planted and dutifully cared for has come to fruition.
What is surprising is how much joy these veggies give me simply because they exist. Their transformation from a handful of seeds stuck in the mud to these enormous, edible specimens is nothing short of miraculous.
Too often I’m detached from all the hands that make it possible for the food I eat to end up on my table. I love frequenting farmers’ markets but often opt for the ease of the big box store that sells the same stuff regardless of the season.
During the eight months of my training to become a certified eating psychology coach, I thought more about food than I had at any previous point in my life. I noticed how it is grown, manufactured to last longer, distributed, stripped of its nutrients,  and “enhanced” to be more appealing. I paid attention to how much food we consume, waste, destroy, and produce. I became acutely aware of how we use food not only to feed and nourish ourselves but also punish and condemn ourselves,  hide our feelings, or protect ourselves from relentless stress.
The fact that I am growing greens on my own makes me confident that I can do just about anything I put on my Get Stuff Done 1×31 listif I give it some respect and attention.
What about you? What seeds have you planted either consciously or unconsciously over the past few weeks or months?  What signs of success are showing up in your world?
If nothing comes to mind, use your 5-15 minutes for today’s task to think about what you’d like to grow in your garden. And by garden, what I really mean is your field of dreams.
(I realize I can get away with the Field of Dreams reference because I live in Iowa, but I really do want you to grow your dreams.  Or at least something you feel is as fabulous as I feel the zucchinis, cucumbers, and soon-to-be-ready tomatoes and peppers are.)
What have you grown from a spark into something spectacular? I would love to hear what you are growing or see pictures of your bounty. Share your favorite gardening hacks in the comments below or email me at

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  1. I admit that initially I don’t always appreciate following your leadership on these adventures. These great ideas to do a list of tasks to complete 1 X 31, or a purification followed by clean eating, or some of the other things I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with you. However…….I do appreciate the end result, so I will continue to follow your example I guess! I’ve certainly learned a lot about myself by pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. I learned I can do anything for 21 days (purification) and beyond for another 15 months (clean eating). I learned I like pushing my own boundaries. I learned I actually like cooking again, and I like cooking “clean” foods. I learned what clean eating is, and how it impacts my life. I have also learned it’s a daily, weekly, life-long commitment that I fail at sometimes. But I continue to do my best. And, I learned I like quinoa…..I didn’t even know what it was before! I have sorted, organized, donated, and pitched a lot of things because of 1X31. I have accomplished 17 days of 5-15 minute tasks; even if those tasks generally amounted to more than 5-15 minutes. Currently, I have more than 14 more days of those tasks still to do, and that’s okay too! I can do more than 31!!! So yes, the seeds I’ve planted and cultivated have shown results. Thanks for helping me plant the seeds I needed and encouraging me to continue to weed and feed the garden of ME to obtain and maintain results.

  2. You, my friend, are one of the most beautiful gifts of this community garden we have been growing together. You are an inspiration. We leave the “easy” button for Staples and pick up our “Badass” button when we’ve got stuff to do for 5-15 minutes (or 5 hours/days) 1×31!! 🙂

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