I Love a Rainy Night

Okay, that’s not exactly true.  But it does make me happy to hear that catchy Eddie Rabbitt tune of the same name with the tricky snap clap combo that sounds like windshield wipers clicking in the background.

While I may not prefer persistent precipitation, I have learned that with the right rain gear, the show can go on.  The show in this case being my daily or nightly walk with the dogs. 

The highlight of a dog’s day dare not be dimmed by a little drizzle.  On the contrary, it provides an opportunity for some good, though definitely not clean, fun.

I’ve been chasing rain the last week like a storm chaser chases storms.  That or the rain is simply stalking me.  In any case, years of living in the desert, dealing with droughts, and fighting a fire or two have taught me to appreciate the gifts a good rain brings.

When it’s sunny and beautiful everyone (and their dog) is out enjoying the day.  When it’s rainy and a bit chilly, it’s the committed few who choose the road less traveled.  And that, to paraphrase Robert Frost, makes all the difference.

I’m not by nature a highly social creature.  However, if there is a party, by all means let me be the life of it!  But this is really more of a defense mechanism than a true nature sort of thing.  My true nature would have me home reading a book.  Or blogging.

So after a day of facilitating and advising and counseling and critiquing, I really like nothing more than to come home and hang with the canines where nonverbal communication is what it’s all about.  There’s plenty of tail wagging, woofing, whimpering, and wild gesturing going on, but since I don’t have to look good, sound good, or even smell good, it’s all good.

Tonight I was convinced I’d come home and call it quits, shut it down and get some shut eye.  But who can refuse those four legged creatures who want nothing more than to prove to me that I really do love a rainy night or any night that I get to come home to them and Bob and my beautiful new kitchen and blog about it.

What do you love?  Share if you dare.  Especially if it’s a catchy song title!

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