I Wonder If ….

Curious Dog
A curious puppy dog is looking up with wonder.

I love the description on this picture.  “A curious puppy dog is looking up with wonder.

That succintly sums up this week’s Sunday Summer Stretch Series topic and how I encourage you to look at life this week.

What if instead of being afraid of things, you were just curious about them?  What if instead of thinking you know how things are going to go, you just stay curious about how they may unfold?

Today’s video is all about allowing curiosity to serve you and open you to things that may  have stopped you in your tracks before.

I’d love to hear how staying curious influences you this week or how it has influenced you in the past.  Your comments are most welcome below.



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  1. I’m curious why fears think that they’re bigger than we are, with our beautifully super-human potential! Fears are like these dumb little stop signs, interrupting our great and beautiful dreams. And after the workshop at Asilomar I feel like the more I have people around me who are also working on big, great things, the more big, great things I feel capable of. So, I’m curious about harnessing the beautiful energy of a supportive tribe and letting them (surrendering control a bit) and letting them carry a bit of my dream so it feels lighter, more attainable.

    I’m also curious how you and Becca met and I’m curious about the river behind you and I’m curious about fireflies and I’m curious now what Becca’s song would sound like and I’m curious whether she might find me a wee bit crayyyyzeeeeeee! Lol

    And I’m eager and curious to hear about the lives you change with this upcoming retreat! Do they KNOW the wild power of this tapping work? So transformational!!!


    1. Lucky for me, Becca lives in Bob’s old house so she’s just two doors down from me. That’s the Maquoketa River behind us and there are many fireflies that like to hang out by the weeping willow trees. I’m curious if you know how amazing you are and that your “wee bit of craziness” is the precise thing that makes you so incredible!

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