Join Me in July and Get Stuff Done with 1 x 31 Challenge

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If you’re like me, you have plenty of rainy day and someday projects waiting ever so patiently for you to find the time and inspiration to begin.  Despite having enough rain to rival Seattle this summer, I haven’t gotten any closer to getting any of my pet projects done.
I promised myself after 8 months of participating in a coaching certification program, a couple of dietary detoxes, and the start of a website redesign, I would allow myself a little time to chill once it all came to a thrilling conclusion in May.
Since a body at rest tends to stay at rest, I feared a few weeks of R & R could turn into an entire summer.  Fortunately, the opposite is also true.  A body in motion tends to stay in motion.
With that idea I am challenging myself and anyone who cares to join me, to a Get Stuff Done 1×31 Day Challenge starting today.  Yes, today.  Carpe diem!
After talking with my friends Ann (aka Annspiration) and Gillian (who does Get It Done Fun Day coaching) over the weekend, I decided deliberate, intentional action is needed to move my life forward, not in leaps and bounds, but inch by inch.
So here’s the plan and I hope you’ll join me.
I’m picking one thing on my to-do, to-dream, to-become list and committing to do it each day in July.  It has to be something I can do or at least initiate in a relatively short period of time – say 5-15 minutes – and does not require in depth planning, deep thought, or sophisticated equipment. Otherwise I will find an excuse not to do it.  You will too. Trust me on this one.
For example, today I need to call the phone company.  I recently broke up with my cable provider and am now enjoying a cable free summer, but still have the daunting task of sorting out the bill with Century Link.  I tried the online chat the other day and got the worst customer service ever, so today I have to call them up and get to the bottom of things since my cable was bundled with my internet and phone service.
Putting it off does me no good.  It actually drains my energy.  Add enough of these subtle energy vampires to a day and I’m exhausted before I’ve even done anything.
But if I assign one of them to each day this month instead of attempting all of them at once, I’m much more likely to do them.  And knowing I will do them on their assigned day means I don’t have to obsess about them until it’s their day.
I’m asking for your help because it’s way more fun to do this with others and we’re more likely to do these things when we’re accountable to each other.
How do you join me on the Get Stuff Done 1×31 Challenge?
You have a couple of options.  You can either email each day at with what you did or you can hop over to Facebook and join my Get Stuff Done 1×31 group.  If you don’t like Facebook let me know if there is another format you like better and I’ll do my best to figure that out.  Or just leave your comment below about what you are going to do today.
Remember… just one small doable thing.  Fifteen minutes or less.
Let’s do this!

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  1. I’m In!
    Day 1…. Shout praises to my friend Penny for the Get Stuff Done 1X31 Challenge! That is the way to run a marathon as well, one mile at a time. YOU inspire ME!

  2. You are the pace setter, my role model, the poster child of possibilities! I know you will qualify for the Boston Marathon because you work at it every single day and keep doing one thing to improve. You go, girl!

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