Jury Duty: The Musical

So my friend Ann and I were talking about scaring the Bee Gees out of someone and what that might actually look or sound like.
After several moments of hilarity we decided that we were either on something (like medical marijuana) or we had met the Mama Mia muse who was about to do for the Brothers Gibb what she did for ABBA.
You heard it here first, folks.  Jury Duty: The Musical was conceived after a hard day’s night of blogging about jury duty.

Here’s a sneak peek: 

Defendant:  With Words and words are all I have
Prosecutor:  Is this a Tragedy?
Defendant:  No, I Started A Joke, which started the whole world crying

Defendant:  Deeper than  Islands in the Stream
Prosecutor:  Where do you live?
Defendant:  Massachusetts
Prosecutor:  Do you or do you not suffer from a medical condition?
Defendant:  Yes.  Night Fever
Prosecutor:  What do you plan to do about it?
Prosecutor:  Shouldn’t you be dancing?
Defendant:  You Should Be Dancing, yeah.
Prosecutor: What’s the point?
Defendant:  Stayin’ Alive
Prosecutor:  Objection!  This is just your Jive Talkin’, telling me lies.
Defendant:  No, I’m the man who Loves You Inside Out, backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out.
Prosecutor:  Lonely Days are over then?
Defendant:  You’re More Than a Woman to me.  If I Can’t Have You, I don’t want nobody, baby. Don’t Throw It All Away by sending me to the slammer.
Prosecutor:  It’s just Emotion that’s taken me over.
Defendant:  Maybe. Too Much Heaven can do that to a person.
Judge:  Do we have a verdict?
Jury:  We have nothing to be Guilty of.

And so it goes.

Six word summary:  I’ve got the music in me.   Make that Bee Gees in me.

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