Land of Plenty … of Decisions

Maybe it’s because I have different expectations for Saturday than I do the rest of the week, but Saturday is like the wild card day of the week, when just about anything can and will happen.

It’s kind of like a surprise party, that later you wish someone would have clued you in on, just so you would have looked as nice as everyone who knew they were going to a party, instead of showing up in that ratty t-shirt and socks with sandals.

Life with a fireman means the best laid plans can change on a dime (or on Penny, in this case).  Consequently, I keep several items on my to-do list to fall back on when the siren sounds.

Okay, the real reason several items are on my to-do list is because I don’t want to do them. The truth is, Bob could easily put out a fire and be back before I even got around to the first item on my list. I’d still be sitting at my computer, blogging, pinning, or selecting shoes to put in my online shopping cart.

I shop predominantly online because I can find stuff fast and it gets delivered to my house. And I love getting packages, except from the IRS. 

I always think shopping in real stores is going to be fun until I get there.  Unless it’s Artworks, my favorite art shop in Le Claire I visited this afternoon, I get overwhelmed in the parking lot before I even get out of my car. 

I wanted to go to Lowe’s (I’m boycotting Home Depot because of the dishwasher debacle) to get knobs and pulls for the new kitchen cabinets.  Unfortunately the number of choices required to make an informed decision lead to my undoing.  I’ve made several choices up to this point without waffling that turned out remarkably well.  But today, something snapped and no snap decisions could be made. I did, however, decide to go to Cold Stone Creamery instead, where an entirely new set of decisions awaited.

Maybe I was in an ice cream induced altered state but I’m pretty sure I saw something like twenty eagles having a (surprise to me) party along the back waters of the Wapsipinicon.  I’ve never seen so many eagles in one place.  Kind of like the number and variety of knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets.

In any case, I decided to rest my case and my brain.  Marvel at the mundane as well as the miraculous, I like to say.  I live in an abundant universe and here’s proof, I also like to say.  I really shouldn’t eat this much ice cream, I probably should say more often.

The best way to sum up this Saturday is in these six words:  What I can say, it’s Saturday?


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