Live Free or Die

Possibly the best-known state motto of all, the New Hampshire motto, “Live Free or Die,” is the exact sentiment required for a group of visionaries to cut the ties to the motherland.
A few weeks ago we were changing our wall of fame (aka bulletin board) at work from our recent graduates to something a little patriotic.  We had the background figured out and were looking for something sensational to put in the middle.
We decided the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights and possibly the Constitution would be fantastic.  Much to my delight, I was able to find a copy of all three of these documents on some poster size parchment paper.  Using my Amazon prime, these documents arrived on my doorstop in two days and cost me less than $20.

I so love getting packages and was super excited to get these documents.  It was thrilling to read the words and touch the names and think about the tremendous courage, vision, and outrage these people must have felt to declare their independence in such a bold and committed way that would surely take its toll.
When I first started looking for the documents I came across this reading of the Declaration of Independence by Hollywood’s finest.  Apparently it was intended to be read aloud to have the most impact.  I must say, hearing it made me appreciate it our forefathers and mothers even more.
It could be that I never actually read the entire Declaration of Independence.  Thanks to School House Rock, I knew a fairly impressive amount of The Preamble to the Constitution, but the only thing I really remember about the Declaration of Independence was the story about John Hancock’s signature.
Our ancestors had to be huge risk takers to even get on the boat, cross the ocean, and arrive in a place where they’d have to start from the ground up.  None of my adventures can compare to that.  Someone always has left the light on for me.  Even if it’s Motel 6.
It’s only fitting that we take a day to commemorate all that has been done, sacrificed, and paid to insure we are a country of people who are free to do, be, and have all that we are willing to fight for or make peace with.
However you celebrate the holiday, you might take a moment to recall the things, ideas, and people you value most.  What would you be willing to declare, knowing it could cost you everything?  What would be willing to sign so that the whole world knew you where you stood?
As you know from a previous post, my dad will tell you I came out of the womb with my declaration of independence branded on my being.   Consequently, freedom is a pretty big deal to me.  Fireworks are definitely required.
How about you?  What would you declare?  What would you include in your personal Bill of Rights?
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