March Forth!

Cabinets and countertops and flooring, oh my!

They have arrived.  Today the kitchen I’ve been dreaming about for six months is finally taking shape. 

Not giving in to the process paralysis that can accompany the selecting of one out of a million color combinations, textures, finishes, and flooring, I took the path of least resistance and kept it simple.

For the cupboards we simply copied what we had.  The countertops integrated my love of the southwest and earthly colors with the harvest color on the walls.  My parents offered us the flooring they had left over from their home improvement project.  Not only did this save us time and money, but I must say it’s better than anything I would have picked out.

Who knew home is where the heart of my art is?  When I bought the house in 2011 the only thing I thought I’d do was expand the deck. 

Three years later we’ve changed light fixtures, ceiling fans, and furniture inside and done a fair amount of landscaping outside.  While Bob the Builder was behind most of these projects, clearly our pace is a far cry from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  Two people and sporadic inspiration have different results than a team, a time limit, and an unlimited budget.

Still I was really hoping I could do as they do on the show.  Go on vacation and return home to completely renovated kitchen.  However, coming home from work today to an almost completely renovated kitchen is just as exhilarating. 

If the neighbors were shouting anything upon our return from the sunny spot it was “Move that snow!“,  not the famous “Move that bus!” rally.  Apparently no one cares what’s on the inside if they can’t get to it.

Despite my cold and recent round of crankiness, the countertops and cupboards and flooring have saved the day and restored my righteous chi.  Must be a side effect of gratitude.

Because I’ve always taken the play on today’s date, March 4th, as marching orders to “March Forth!” and do good, good things tend to happen on this day.

So my six word summary is as follows:

March forth and complete the kitchen.

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