No Matter What – Day 20

One more day and we wrap up the No Matter What Game for this go round.  Day 20 is just as important as Day 1 so feel free to jump right in and play along with us before the game is over.  It’s kind of like the 9th inning, the 4th quarter, the 2 minute warning…. okay, I may have attended or watched too many sporting events in the past week.  🙂

puzzle head

G: If your life was a jigsaw how would you describe it? Do you have all the straight bits in? Are there any pieces missing/in the wrong place?

P:  Excellent question!  Life really is one big puzzle, isn’t it?  Since mine  didn’t come with instructions or a picture on the outside to model my creatively quirky life after, it’s been a colorful combination of straight bits, absolutely ridiculous bits, groovy bits, heartbreaking bits, lost bits, found bits, and everything in between bits.

Finally I’m getting the bigger picture and can organize my strategies and efforts around a central theme.  And I’m incredibly grateful I didn’t throw out any of the bits I had no idea what to do with at the time.

Now I see that it all served a purpose, it all had a place, and without even one of those strange and unusual, humiliating and frustrating, or grand and glorious pieces, I wouldn’t be who I am today or where I am right now.

My puzzle looks a lot like the image I selected for today’s post.  In some respects I’ve got it together and can put on a good front. Yet so much remains a mystery to me.

The difference is now I’m in no hurry to figure it all out or prove to the world that I am worthy of attention only if and when I have placed all the pieces in their perfect positions.

I’m more like the child who, once she has finished the puzzle, immediately dumps it over to see if she can repeatedly recreate a magical result through crazy new combinations or superior memory.

One of my dad’s favorite hobbies is to work on puzzles. Before my parents leave for Arizona for the winter, everyone loads my dad up with puzzles, knowing they will be completed by the time he returns in the spring.

When Bob and I visit we spend many a late evening playing cards and “helping” Dad with his puzzles.  We can never stick with it as long as he can.  He’ll be up til the wee hours of the morning puzzling over his next move.

Some of our favorite gifts are the puzzles Dad has labored over and Mom has mod podged together.  (I’ve never written mod podge before.  Only said it. And that was in the 70s.  Just thought I’d point that out.)

So before taking a long, strange trip back into the past, I’ll wrap it up by reiterating the importance of all the puzzle pieces. Perhaps if your puzzle pieces are missing or seem to be in the wrong place, you might be working on the wrong puzzle?


What’s puzzling you?  Share if you dare in the comments below.  Or simply answer on your own and see where Gillian’s prompts take you.  To have Gillian send you your very own prompts, email her at

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