No Matter What – Day 3

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Day 3 of No Matter What Game.  If you’re just joining us, you can find out what it’s all about in the details below today’s response.

G:  How would you spend the day if you could make yourself invisible for 24 hours?
P:  The bigger question for me would be how would I spend the day if I could make myself visible for 24 hours.  It’s been my experience that women tend to become invisible the moment we hit 40 or some arbitrary age when people collectively start calling us “ma’am”.
It’s unfortunate because that’s when we get interesting, have the most to say, have experience to back up our enthusiasm or lack there of.  It’s when we could most benefit from being seen because we have so much to contribute. We know our way around the bedroom, the boardroom, the basement, and the ballpark. (And that’s just the B’s.  I haven’t started on the rest of the alphabet.)
However, if I’m going to whine about that, I need to have a really great comeback to the visibility question. What would I do if one of my posts went viral, I’d be asked to give a TED talk, or my book would be included in Oprah’s book club?  Or more likely, what would I do with the attention of 1000 followers?  Okay, 100 followers?
Tell the best story I could.  Tell it honestly, passionately, and with great humor.
Having said that, I’ll now answer the invisibility question.
I’d lounge around the Coffee House studios at Sirius XM radio and meet some of my favorite singer songwriters, hang out with the Dalai Lama, slip into a publishing house and watch how a book comes together, observe my mentors, visit a movie set, go backstage at a concert, watch creatives at work.
And I’d repeatedly throw the ball to my dog Jake because even though he couldn’t see me, he’d never take his eye off the ball.
What would you commit to do every day no matter what?  I’ve committed to writing and Gillian has committed to coaching so we’re playing this Q & A  No Matter What Game.  Join in or just follow along.  Either way, we’d love to hear your comments below.

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