Opposites Attract

Six word summary:  I’m a tortoise.  He’s a hare.

It explains a lot.  Like why I’m still up writing and he’s snoring away after having cleaned the garage, recycled the boxes, taken things to the Goodwill, rescued some pets, and crossed any number of things off his list.

Meanwhile, I’m still looking for stuff and trying to find a home for things in my new kitchen.

Another six word summary might be:  Will what is lost be found?

Or:  She who should not be rushed.

If you read yesterday’s post I imagine you are hearing the Paula Abdul song Opposites Attract in your head after reading the title.  Yes, musically I could be stuck in the 80s. 

Fortunately, the Coffee House on Sirius XM is bringing me up to date and introducing me to all kinds of new music.  Consequently, you might be in for some creative titles for upcoming blog posts.

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