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In my incessant searching for one thing or another, I came across this card just in time for the arrival of 2015.  I had to laugh out loud because who hasn’t had the best of intentions for all of thirty minutes?
I seldom have the kind of wild and crazy New Year’s Eve celebrations that greeting cards are based on, but I’ve often made such ridiculous resolutions that they are broken by 12:30, even if I’ve been asleep since the stroke of midnight.
If your resolutions are not aligned with your true intentions and you are not at all inclined to carry them out, they are by definition ridiculous.  Keeping them until 12:30 would be pushing it.
If, on the other hand, you’ve spent some time reflecting on the past, gleaning the lessons learned, and implementing some course corrections, then you may find yourself in an excellent position to make this your best year yet.
Each year I like to name the year ahead.  Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, by naming the year I can then move boldly forward and claim that which I intend to create or, in the case of Happy Shoe Year, buy.
Other times, the year is best named upon its completion.  For example, last January I could not have guessed I would end up calling 2014 my Year of Engagement.  Not only because I’ve never been engaged to anyone  before but also because I’ve never been simultaneously engaged in so many projects while holding down a full time job and been coherent enough to write about it.
Because life as I knew it ramped up the day I took on the 500 words/day for 30 days blogging challenge on 1/1/2014, I needed copious amounts of quiet time at the end of the year to make sense of the previous twelve months before planning for the next.
Fortunately there was an app for that!  I found a talented designer who creates Year In Review infographics that put a whole new spin on the traditional Christmas newsletter. I’ll share the results with you when it’s completed.
I also invested in Michael Hyatt’s  5 Days to Your Best Year Ever program that helped me get clear, motivated, and identify my biggest goals  for 2015. In the spirit of Austin Kleon’s book, “Show Your Work,  I plan to share these goals with you and how I intend to reach them as I go.
What I’m really saying is I’ll be asking for your help every step of the way. The only way for me to reach my goals is to help you reach yours.  If we all resolve to evolve, that should cover it.
So, let’s get this party started.  Please leave one or all of the following in the comments below:

  • Name It & Claim It –  Your name for 2015
  • Named It & Claimed It – Your name for 2014
  • Specific Intention(s) for 2015
  • Biggest Lesson(s) Learned from 2014
  • Your Year In Review

Thanks for reading.  Let’s create some magic this year, shall we?

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  1. Happy SHIFT Year, Laurel!
    I love your post on choosing a meaningful word. It can be so helpful throughout the year. Hopefully readers will hop on over to your blog and check it out.
    My word is launch. (Or lunch, depending on the time of day!) Last year I invested in a lot of training programs and experiences that I plan to turn into products and services this year.
    Launching my new website is a priority. I’ll need to learn to shift as well so I’ll be eagerly awaiting your blog posts.
    Happy 2015!

  2. 1. Name for 2015 – Year of Contentment (have what I have and love it)
    2. Name for 2014 – Year of Reality Check (the mind’s in it’s 30’s, but the body’s well ahead of its time)
    3. Specific Intention(s) for 2015 – healthy living; healthy loving; 50% income increase
    4. Biggest Lesson(s) Learned from 2014 – the brain is only the second most influential organ (more on this in another format)

    1. I love the Year of Contentment! Loving what you have is a gracious concept and so hard to practice. In my goal of continuous quality improvement, I also need to be grateful for all I already have (like fabulous friends and followers!) and all that I’ve already become.
      Here’s to our collective year of contentment as we work towards those goals that seem slightly beyond our reach!

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