Six Word Summaries

It’s March 1 and so begins the Six Word Summary daily challenge.  Where January’s objective was 500 words,  March’s daily directive is 6 or so.

I started a few six word summaries while in Arizona where the sun shines and the weather is warm.

Here are two six word summaries for the following photo snapped at the airport before my feet were forced back into snow boots with ice cleats.

Bob’s Summary:  These boots are made for hiking.
Penny’s Summary:  Once a flower-child,  always a flower-child.

Of course now that we’re back in the Arctic Circle, with snow ceaselessly (or senselessly) swirling about and temps once again below zero, we both have agreed on this summary for today:

Life inside snow-globe. Must break free.

Your turn.  Post your summary below.

* Just in case you’re wondering, the flower power sandals are Dawgs. They come in every color including camouflage. They are like Crocs, only better!

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