Spring Is In the Air

Has there ever been a more anticipated spring than this one?

After months of consistently cold and snowy weather, spring has sprung. In my zealousness to celebrate the first day of spring, I did what I can only describe as an inner adolescent thing, and wore sandals to work.  Until my toes got too cold.  I’d prefer not to discuss what happened next.

This premature wearing of sandals came about largely because of another fashion faux pas. The wearing of what at one time we called petal pushers – and by “we” I mean Gidget and That Girl.  This, too, was a hasty decision since my ankles have not seen the sunlight since I was in Arizona. 

I bought these “ankle pants” in Arizona under the assumption they’d be fine to wear in Iowa.  Especially on such an auspicious occasion as the first day of spring.

I’ve traveled enough to know some things just get lost in translation. If only that knowledge would stop me from buying “souvenirs”!

Like the groundhog who sees his shadow and declares six more weeks of winter, today I saw my toes and declared six more weeks of socks.  At least in public places… unless I’m at the beach and have had a pedicure.

So today my six word summary is simply this:  Editing required for words and wardrobe.

How are you celebrating spring?  Share if you dare below.

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