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With a name like Penny, I’m all about small change.

Small change taken consistently, consciously, and courageously leads to the softening of your heart, the opening of your mind, and the transformation of your life. Small change leads to leaps of faith that allow you to get from where you are now to where you want to go.

This is what I help you do.  We move at the pace of grace and use tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and chakra work to get to the core of what’s getting in your way.  We look at it truthfully, unapologetically, with humor and curiosity, and then do the necessary hard work to move it out of the way so you can get where you want to go.

But don’t take my word for it… take it from these amazingly beautiful people who I’ve worked with and watched blossom into their full being.


“I have attended many tapping sessions over the years but never have I enjoyed the sessions as much as when I worked with Penny. Her joy, love, dedication and huge heart comes through in everything that she shares with her clients and community. If you are exploring tapping as a way to move past obstacles in life and business – I would not go to anyone but Penny to assist you with that. She is simply amazing and this is obviously what she is meant to do in life. It will be well worth your investment to work with her!”
Dr Sheri Rosenthal – Director of Wanderlust Entrepreneur & The Retreat Blueprint Program, Chief Retreat Enthusiast

Customer Happiness @ Wanderlust Entrepreneur




“You know those moments when all the artifice slips away and light begins to pour through the cracks of your life? No? Well, this is exactly how it felt after the EFT group session I attended with TapMaster (that’s what I call her) Penny Plautz. With humor and a feeling of inclusivity and safety, Penny guided us through the grit of our limitations toward a lighter, brighter realm of possibility.


Julia Alter, Head Mistress of Creativity, SeizetheDazzle.com

At the beginning of the session, I felt overwhelmed by my own dreams, like I would never be able to pull off leading writing workshops and retreats for a living. All of the “not enoughness” rose to the surface and stood between me and the vision I had of being that leader, changing people’s lives for the better!

After ONE session of tapping with TapMaster Penny, I felt the negativity disintegrating, just unraveling, getting smaller and smaller until those limitations, the fears, didn’t feel like blocks at all! After ONE SESSION!!

The lightness in the room was palpable. I stepped into the light of true possibility, free to make clear, easy choices and take action toward my dream life. It was the proverbial butterfly breaking out of the chrysalis moment! I am now building these workshops and classes from a place of power because I have access to my gifts without the clutter of fearful thoughts and painful “what ifs.” I can only imagine the profound shifts I would experience doing a day-long retreat (swoon!). I’m blown away by my session with Penny Plautz; I am flying light and clear now toward my intended path. So grateful!



“If you have the opportunity to experience Penny’s work, don’t miss it. I was at an event where Penny led a group tapping session and, because I could not be in two places at one time, I had to miss it.  But I heard about it at breakfast the next morning. All the buzz was about the impact the tapping session had on those who participated.
As an event planner with Stress Free Retreats, I’m always looking for meaningful activities that speak to the heart of what’s holding people back from getting what they want.  I’d definitely recommend Penny to any group or individuals wanting to experience aha moments in a safe, gentle, humorous way. 
I watch her easy way of weaving wisdom with humor on her Sunday Summer Stretch Series on YouTube. Spending time with her at Asilomar, I can say you will laugh and learn at the same time.


A successful retreat can sometimes be defined by one experience. That experience could easily be letting Penny guide you or your group through a tapping session.”
Elaine Wellman
Retreat Manager & Coach
Stress Free Retreats

If you are looking for an experienced, compassionate and insightful guide to take you on the journey of self-discovery, Penny Plautz is THE coach for you. Penny, helped me to see through my fears, conquer my self-doubt, create a plan of change while holding my hand the entire way.

Her gift is in her quiet presence, her extensive knowledge and her right-on intuition. Her golden nugget of wisdom that catapulted me into my new way of showing up in the world was simple but profound, “Start before you are ready.” In that loaded statement is all the confidence, release of self-doubt, and support I needed.

Penny stood by me as I worked through it all. I’ve never been happier nor more daring in my whole life!

Kris Vallin
Success & Mindset Coach
PSYCH-K Facilitator

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Penny Plautz is a certified Eating Psychology Coach.