There’s No Business Like Snow Business

It happened again.

I woke up and there was that fluffy white stuff, blowing ferociously across the deck.  One minute from the east, the next from the west.  And sometimes from both directions at the same time, like some elaborately choreographed fight scene from clash of the Titans. 

I started to fear for my life until I noticed the dancing cows across the river line up like the Rockettes singing, “There’s NO business like SNOW business, there’s NO business I know!”

Here’s where you say to yourself, “Penny must be having one of her Walter Mitty moments.” Clearly cows can’t sing.  They can moo-ve though.  (I’m sorry.  I wasn’t sure you’d go there on your own.)

Back to the snow business.  For a moment I thought it was Stand Up Saturday.

The strangest part of my day job is that as a college administrator, I’m perceived by students as a serious person.  My staff, however, is convinced I’m on something. 

While I take my job seriously, especially if there’s so much snow no one can get to work but me, there’s a fair amount of ridiculousness that goes on in every area, begging for a humorous spin to fully appreciate it.  My friend Ann, who’s very funny herself, shared this quote from Tina Fey, also very funny, “You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at.”

So what’s all this funny business have to do with snow business?  Well, snow is funny stuff.  If you don’t have to go out in it, shovel it, slip on it, or be blinded by the backlash of misdirected snow-blower snow, it’s fabulous.

My dog Abbey is a total snow dog.  She can’t wait to get out and poke her nose around in it. She was born in New England in the winter months and I suspect the snow reminds her of her puppyhood and playing in several feet of the white stuff.

Tonight the dogs and I were delighted to discover our trail was covered in fresh snow.  That meant we got to take one small step for (wo)man, and one giant step for mankind‘s best friend.  We got to blaze a new trail on our familiar trail. 

Stepping into fresh snow always makes me want to create dance step sequences for the next person.  How fun would it be to come upon those steps in the snow and suddenly find yourself doing the Bump, the Hustle, or the Funky Chicken?  This is what I mean by snow being more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  

It’s also beautiful when all is calm and all is bright.  As we sashayed along the river at sunset the snow sparkled under the street lamp.  It was like walking inside a snow globe.  Everything was sparkly and glittery as I tossed Jake’s favorite pair of antlers about.  Lately Jake prefers to play with logs and deer antlers instead of easy to fetch balls. 

(Jake is Abbey’s boyfriend.  He’s a brown lab.  Abbey is a yellow lab. Scooter is a Jack Russell terrier who doesn’t want to have anything to do with either one of them.)

Sledding, snowmobiling, skiing, ski-boarding, ice sculpting, ice skating… so many snow adventures waiting to be had.  In the spirit of the winter Olympics, I say we all embrace  the snow business.  At least until we take that trip to Sun City next month.

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