Tune In Tuesday

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Today is Tuesday so you get two Top Ten Tension Tackling Tips instead of one as a little holiday bonus. Rest assured no tunes were harmed in the recording of this audio since I did not actually sing.

If you’d prefer to read today’s tips, here they are.

  1. Let It Snow…

Let it go. No, you don’t have to wish for that fluffy white stuff to perfect the holiday picture. But it is wise to acknowledge that there are certain things that are out of your control (like the weather). What is in your control is your reaction to events. Try to let go of your expectations and accept things as they are.

3. Dashing Through the Snow…

Movement is absolutely essential to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Maybe now is not an opportune time for you to start a fitness program (because Santa has your new exercise equipment, right?), but there are many ways you can incorporate movement into your day. Having to park three miles away from any place peopled with shoppers gives you an excellent opportunity to squeeze in a little aerobic activity. Carrying your purchases back to that same location might be considered strength training. It’s amazing how many ways you can work in a workout.

Let me know how you feel about snow, letting go, and dashing about. Or share your favorite tip for humming through the holidays in the comments below.

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