Unleash Your Creativity!

Today’s post is by guest blogger, Tom Bonow.  Tom was inspired by an earlier post, Jury Duty:  The Musical. This, of course, was born out of my experience as a juror and my nearly constant exposure to the Bee Gees throughout my formative years and now on the seventies channel on Siriux XM.

I’m sure you have many projects in need of attention throughout the Labor Day weekend, but if you’d prefer to labor over something you love, try this. Pick your favorite musical group or artist, create your own musical, and submit it here.  (Prizes could be involved.)

There are so many great groups and infinite individual musicians to chose from as well as any number of genres covering any era. From Elvis to Adele, from country to a cappella, there is no limit nor judgment as to who might ignite your imagination.

Before you begin to tell me you are not that creative, I beg to differ.  Everything you do is creative from what you put in your mouth to the clothes you have on your body, considering you are wearing them.

What I’m suggesting is that you have a little fun and unleash your creativity.  Even if you don’t write down a single line, just imagine you get to direct one episode of Glee.  What artist(s) would you choose to honor? What songs would you choose to tell your story?  How you would you make that music come to life?

Then, just to make this exercise more interesting, pay attention to how often you hear these songs in the next week.  I swear after Jury Duty:  The Musical everyone was reporting an unusually high occurrence of hearing Bee Gees songs on the radio.  

Maybe after reading Tom’s post, it will be The Beatles.

Enjoy!  And don’t forget to share your musical, if you dare, below.


Beatles at the Prom 

George:  You guys goin’ to the prom this year?

John:     Probably not, I’m so tired, it feels like Maxwell’s silver hammer came down on my head.

Paul:      That’s no excuse – I’ve had a hard day’s night, too, but now I feel fine.  What about you, Ringo, you got a date?

Ringo:    Nah, too busy – it’s helter skelter  in my life  right now, and I’m nowhere, man.  What about you?

Paul:      Not yet, but I’m thinking of asking sexy Sadie. There’s something in the way she looks.

George: She’s a woman alright, but you’re going to lose that girl ’cause she’s leaving home. What’s your Plan B?

Paul:      I’m thinking Michelle.  I’d like to give her all my lovin’, but she loves you, John, doesn’t she?

John:    Yeah, yeah, yeah… no sweat – it’s only love.  But maybe I’ll go if the band’s decent – who’s playing?

Ringo:   The Strawberry Fields Revolution –  but I hear their rock & roll music is just a bunch of silly love songs

John:   Think for yourself, fool On the hill where I live, they rock 8 days a week !

Ringo:   Ob la di, ob la da – your mother should know.

John:    Don’t be talking that way about me mum, or I’ll knock you across the universe!

Brian Epstein:  Calm down, boys – let it be.  Let’s figure how we can work it out so you all go to prom.  And Paul still needs a date.

George: Wait just a minute – what about lovely Rita, the meter maid ?  I hear she’s no Lady Madonna.

Ringo:   True – when I took her out, she actually asked me, “Why don’t we do it in the road?”

John:    Yeah, she came in through the bathroom window last week at my place

George: My sweet Lord, Paul !! You better run for your life !

Paul:      I should have known better… maybe Eleanor Rigby is more my speed…


Flash forward one week…


George:  Prom’s next Saturday.  Anyone still need help finding a date?

Paul:       Finally got one Yesterday .  It was a long and winding road, but I found me a day tripper

Ringo:     Did you use one of your old lines of B.S. , like “I got to get you into my life.” or “I want to hold your hand.”?

Paul:       Nope – I saw her standing there and simply said. “Oh Darling, please please me.”

John:     How ’bout you, Ringo?  If you’re in, we can all come together.

Ringo:    Can’t afford it, dude – damn taxman !  Guess I’m a loser, but I just need a little help from my friends.

John:     Imagine that – Ringo’s broke! But I don’t care too much for money.  It can’t but me love.

Ringo:    Get back – you trying to tell me all you need is love ?

Brian Epstein:  Do you want to know a secret ?  You’ve got to hide your love away – when will you figure that out?

Ringo:    When I’m 64, dudeIf you’re the expert, then I am the walrus I’m looking through you, and you’re full of crap!  

John:     No need to twist & shout, Ringo.  Boys, let’s each of us lend Ringo a few quid for a tux – don’t let me down.

Paul:      OK, I’m in – then things should be getting better, and we’ll all shine onBut how will we get there?

George: We don’t need a ticket to ride  – just say the word, and we can all drive my car

John:     Tell me why you think that old junker will carry that weight. 

Ringo:    Sounds lake a veritable magical mystery tour !  Paul, you never did say who you’re bringing.

Paul:      Why, that prolific paperback writerPenny Lane, of course!,

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