Visual Aid

Today I wrote 500 words and wanted to present them in a different way. 

On Friday one of our computer instructors stopped by to talk with me about upcoming classes and what we might offer that’s new, different, and in demand.  She had put together a class called Technology Tools for her graduate program and shared several great tools with me.  One of them was a website called Wordle.  

I had seen some of the products before, but never visited the site. For a creative type, it’s addicting, so visit only if you can safely lose track of time without consequence. 

I typed in all the topics I have listed under my A Penny For Your Thoughts project.  The application creates a very cool word cloud of whatever words you type in.  You can also have it make this out of blog posts or any text.

Each time you change the font, language, orientation, or color, the words rearrange themselves.  It’s intriguing to see what words are prominent (based on the number of times they show up in a text) and which words show up next to each other.  It’s random perfection!

I’m hoping this link will take you right to the page where you can see it in more detail.  I saved it on Wordle’s public gallery so you can also find it there under A Penny for Your Thoughts.

Or better yet, go to the website, type in your words and create your own word cloud. 

Have fun!

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