When All Else Fails, Jazz Hands

There’s nothing like spending time with friends who can finish your sentences.  What I long to hear is not, “you complete me” but “I get you.”  Me, in all my quirkiness and quick or slow wit, depending.

In other words, no need to explain myself or my obscure references. It loses something if translation is required.

My friend Doug is a terrific actor and a man of character.  (Many to be precise.  His latest is Dr. Berensteiner in The New Brain opening this weekend at the District Theatre in Rock Island.)

Today he was teaching some of our staff how to use the Smart Board.  Those of you not in education may correctly deduce this is a very smart white board. It can do all kinds of things a regular white board cannot, but only if you are smart enough to know how to use it.

We did some serious learning along with laughing about all things musical, theatrical, and ridiculous.  I suggested Doug try out for the lead in Jury Duty: The Musical and he said he’d be thrilled to since it is bound to spend many Nights on Broadway.

It turns out my friend Michelle, who was also present for the training, is a major Bee Gees fan and probably should have been consulted before the Jury Duty post. Like, how could I forget Run to Me? She is all about the Bee Gees, with a special penchant for Barry, and knows not just their Greatest Hits, but all their hits.

In any case, at one point when we were solving all the world’s problems with the help of the Smart Board, Doug suggested this six word summary:

When all else fails, jazz hands.

To help you better appreciate the wisdom of this statement, click here for hilarious interpretations of jazz hands.  And it’s not just for humans anymore.  Apparently it works for animals as well.

There’s nothing quite like the frantic flailing of open hands to make you feel like whatever else has happened, if you end with jazz hands, you’ll be fine.

So – here goes.

Photo from www.funnyanimalsite.com

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